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Do you have any physical strores?

We currently do not have any physical stores. You can always order our products on our website and customize as well.

Will the laptop stickers damage my laptop?

All of our stickers can be safely removed from your laptop without sticky residue or damaging the laptop. However, you can always wipe your laptop gently with damp wipes for a perfectly clean laptop

Can I customize my own product?

You can customize your products here. Please follow our instructions for a perfect product!

Can I cancel/edit my order?

You can cancel an order after the placement unless it is not yet fulfilled usually within 2 days of order max, to cancel or edit an order, go to your account > orders > edit and cancel. This option will not be available if the order is already fulfilled. For any problems regarding ordering and cancellation please contact us on our email or social.

Do you have discounts for bulk orders?

For bulk order discounts please contact us!

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