Credit Card Stickers

We promise ourselves to save more money, but we end up broke mid month anyway! So we thought if you're gonna spend, why not do it in style! We present to you our credit card stickers with every variation that will suit your card and make you look dope every time you get it out! looks so good, you will want to use it every second!

Available for large and small chip card holders with 3 variations : Full, half and window. Check carefully your own variation so you get the correct fit: Small chips are rectangular in shape while large chips look more like a square and bigger. You can customize yours too!.


Will my card be functional after I put my sticker on it? and is it easy to remove and replace?

Yes, We tested it and it will work perfectly fine in any ATM or card machines. Removal is an easy process, you just peel it off your card and you are done.

How to apply my sticker perfectly?

Peel the sticker and align corner of sticker with corner of card then press on the sticker. Instructions are available at the back of your package.

Why would I cover my bank details with a full cover?
Personal preference, some people thinks the sticker looks better as a whole cover and they write down their bank details safely elsewhere for later use.